Manda Coates Photography

My name is Manda Coates and I have been in love with Photography for as long as I can remember. I am an Amateur photographer and I have won several awards for my photographs over the years. When I am not taking pictures, I am a full time care aide at a local mental health facility. I am located in Abbotsford with my husband and 3 amazing cats. I have taken pictures for people from Vancouver all the way to Alberta! I have always had a camera in my hand since I was little. As I grew up so did my love for photography and I kept upgrading cameras as I went. I take pictures when i am not at work. I am proud to have been able to do my sisters maternity shoot and her fresh 48 as well. I have also done an engagement shoot and a special surprise photo shoot for my niece and nephew for a birthday present for their dad. My mom is the one who really got me into photography when I was little. She always had a camera and that is when I knew I wanted to be just like her and take pictures of everything! I do this is because i absolutely love being able to give people memories of their special moments from the birth of their child to birthdays and engagements. All of those special moments not only mean something to the people but also to me. My goal is to provide people with great pictures that they can look back on and still be in love with them years later.

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